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       :: Prak-Shastri ::

    A student who has passed class V and completed the age of 10 years as on first October in the year of admission may be admitted to Prathama Ist year. After three years of study in Prathama, he may be admitted to Purva Madhyama (IX & X). After a further study for two years, he may be admitted to Uttar madhyama (XI & XII). This may complete his school education, as in modern system.

    This Sansthan has introduced a course, called Prak-Shastri , in which a student, who has passed class X of a Board Examination and has no previous background of Sanskrit, may be admitted. This also is a two year course (XI & XII), but there is a greater emphasis on Sanskrit.

    Minimum Qualification For Admission To Prak-Shastri Course

    Secondary examination (Class 10th of 10+2 system) of a recognised Education Board subject to passing the oral entrance test in Sanskrit.

    Equivalance Of The Sansthan's Examination

    Name of the Sansthan’s Examination Equivalent Examinations in the modern system of Education
    Prak Shastri Sr. School Certificate
    First Year XI
    Second Year XII

    Subjects to be studied -

    1. Vyakarnam.

    2. Sahityam.

    3. Hindi or any other Regional Language.

    4. English.

    5. Economics/History/Pol.Science/Sociology/Biology/Maths/Geography.

    6. Veda/Vyakarnam/Sahityam/Jyotisham/Darshanam.

    Prak-Shastri Syllabus