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       :: Vidya Varidhi (Ph.D.) ::

    Notification 2009-2010 (Click Here)

    A student who has passed Shastri and Acharya or equivalent examination with Sanskrit may be admitted to Vidya Varidhi , This corresponds to Ph.D in modern education.

    Minimum Qualification For Admission To Course

    "At Least "55% marks" obtained in Acharya or in M.A. from the Sansthan or from any other recognised University", for taking Admission to Vidya-Varidhi.
    The admission to all these courses is done on the basis of the merit list of entrance test for which separate guidelines are available in sansthan.

    Equivalance Of The Sansthan's Examination

    Name of the Sansthan’s Examination Equivalent Examinations in the modern system of Education
    Vidya-Varidhi Ph.D.

    Research Work can be undertaken in any of the following fields

    Vedanta ,Samkhya-Yoga ,Nyaya-Vaisheshik ,Puranetihas ,Vyakaran ,Jyotish ,Dharmashastra ,Shiksha-Shastra ,Mimansa ,Bauddha-Darshan ,Sahitya ,Veda or any other topic with the permission of Research Department.

    Eligibility for Registration

    Registration shall be made purely on merit.A student who has passed with 55% and more marks in Acharya or in equivalent examination, can apply for admission in Combined Vidyavaridhi (Ph.D.) Entrance Test (CVVET)