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       :: Examination ::

    The Annual Examination of Sansthan are held in the month of April every year. Prescribed examination enrolment forms can be obtained by the regular students from the campus by remitting a fee of Rs. 10/- in person. Examination enrolment forms, duly filled in by the Student and verified by the concerned Head of Departments, must be submitted to the campus office along with the prescribed fee.

    Examination Fees

    Courses Examination Fee Rs.
    Prak-Shastri 200.00/-
    Shastri 300.00/-
    Acharya 300.00/-
    Shiksha Shastri 300.00/-

    Fees For Obtaining Certificates

    The following certificates can be obtained from the Deputy Registrar (Examinations) Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan (Deemed University) 56-57, Institutional Area, Janakpuri, New Delhi- 110058 by sending a DD for the amount as perscribed below drawn in favour of Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan (Deemed University) New Delhi along with a requisition

    Details Fees in Rs.
    Provisional Certificate 100.00/-
    Duplicate Marks Sheet 50.00/-
    Urgent Duplicate Marks Sheet 100.00/-
    Duplicate copy of Degree 100.00/-
    Retotalling of each paper 100.00/-
    Re-evaluation of answer book (only for Shastri and Acharya) for each paper 200.00/-
    Migration Certificate 50.00/-

    Eligibility For Examination

    All the regular students of the campus whose applications are forwarded to Sansthan through the campus are eligible to appear in the examination, subject to following conditions on attendance and other disciplinary proceedings.

    1. Minimum 70% attendance is required to appear in the examination.

    2. Shortage of attendance to the extent of 5% may be condoned by the Principal of the campus under intimation to the Vice-Chancellor.

    3. The Vice-Chancellor may further condone the shortage of attendance to the extent of 5% in deserving cases on the recommendations of the Principal of the Campus.

    Courses Min Pass Marks in each paper Aggregate Eligible for promotion to next year of the course
    Prak-Shastri 33% 33% Pass in 50% of the total papers of the course
    Shastri 36% 36% Pass in 50% of the total papers of the course
    Acharya 40% 40% Pass in three papers of the course

    The minimum marks required for passing in the examination in each part and successful candidate in part-I and part-II shall be classified as under :-
    Part-I :- Theory
    First Division 60% aggregate and 45% in each paper
    Second Division 50% aggregate and 45% in each paper
    Pass 45% in each paper

    Part - II :- Practical
    First Division 70%
    Second Division 60%
    Pass 50%

    A candidate failing only in part-I and passing in Part- II shall be eligible to appear at the subsequent examination in all the written papers of Part-I. But a candidate failing in Part-II shall have to undergo the course of study afresh.